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Alicia Cook

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Welcome to Excel Wellston!


We are a newly formed Non-Profit Organization working with area businesses to improve travel related spending and economic development in our area.


As you’re aware, tourism related spending creates vital revenues for existing business and increases interest in prospective new business. We would like to improve upon the current situation and encourage more travel to our area, especially during slower travel months. We feel that Wellston lacks a recognizable major event that can be associated with the area.  With the support of our community, we hope to create/re-establish events that will put us back on the map.  


We also feel that our area lacks activities for youth. Guests frequently travel outside of Wellston to seek out additional activities for their families. This computes to a large loss of revenues to our area. We are happy to provide accommodations to guests traveling to activities outside of our area but to take advantage of all tourism spending, we need to be hosting some of these activities locally. By providing activities for our area's youth, we hope to encourage a sense of friendship and community.


We hope you'll join us as we have a lot of fun activities and projects that matter underway!

Below, you'll find membership options and application forms. Please help to financially support this organization as the entire community stands to reap the rewards!


Be sure to check out our quarterly newsletter "The Wellston Window" revived from the 80's! 


Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you'll join our team!


Alicia Cook

Executive Director


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